It’s been only a week since the Night of Ashes, when groups such as the Sacred Order of Archivists, the Bellflower Network, and the underground faiths of Sarenrae and Milani found themselves waking to a day without leadership after a night of arson and murder. With the city’s lord-mayor, Jilia Bainilus, missing and a new lord-mayor, Paracount Barzillai Thrune taking over, the city is in a state of flux. Thrune’s first seven proclamations have given the city’s citizens a grim preview of the times to come. Will the embers of rebellion fade out or will some heroes come along and fan them into a blaze that will engulf the entire Silver City, while the rest of Cheliax is dealing with the Knights of the Glorious Reclamation?


The rest of this site will document the trials of the characters and will have spoilers for those that haven’t played this yet. Don’t continue unless you want to see these spoilers.

Hell's Rebels

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